class heedy.notifications.Notifications(constraints, session)[source]

Bases: object

Heedy supports notifications for users, apps and objects. Notifications can be limited to the the related app/object, or can be displayed globally in the notification area.

Notifications are also the main way plugins interact with Heedy’s frontend, allowing buttons that call the backend or display forms that the user can fill in.


Returns a list of notifications satisfying the given constraints.

create(key, title=None, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a notification

delete(key=None, **kwargs)[source]

Deletes notifications satisfying the given constraints. Most common usage is deleting a specific notification identified by its key:

await app.notifications.delete("my_notification")

The delete method has identical semantics to the __call__ method, so given a set of constraints, it removes the notifications that would be returned by __call__.


HeedyException – If the server returns an error.

notify(key, title=None, **kwargs)[source]

Alternative to create.

update(data, **kwargs)[source]

Modifies the notification