Filters all datapoints that do not pass the given conditional

The filter transform is used for filtering data.

Suppose the data portion of your dataset is as follows:


The transform:

filter $ >= 5

will leave you with:


Note that while convention is to use filter without parentheses (bash style), filter is a normal pipescript transform, and can be used as a function: filter($ >= 5).


PipeScript supports python-like and/or statements to build up a boolean:

filter $ > 5 and $ < 20

The above will only pass through datapoints between 5 and 20. Just like in other languages, you can use parentheses to force an order of operations.

PipeScript also has a built in negation:

filter not $ > 5

Combining and/or with not allows building up arbitrary conditions.

Transform Details

Input SchemaOutput Schema


1Statement to check for truth valuetransform
 "type": "boolean"